Direct Search

Sterling & Holmes deliver a full-service Recruitment & Selection process.
Our recruitment is based on Direct Search: approaching latent candidates. Professionals who are not actively looking for a new job (research shows that this comprises 65% of the market).

At Sterling & Holmes we mediate candidates in: Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain/Purchase, Digital/E-commerce/ICT (commercial), Trade/Shopper Marketing, Category Management, Finance and General Management.

Recruitment marketing and direct search are key in the Sterling & Holmes process. We don’t deliver just one candidate, but a range of candidates and professionals from which the customer chooses.

The professionals’ personality, in addition to their knowledge, experience and expertise, is an essential criterion according to which we select our candidates at Sterling & Holmes.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value

This driven approach combined with our thorough knowledge and
(our own) work experience in the market and the relevant network,
makes Sterling & Holmes one of the strongest partners in your search
for new talent and the right candidates.

We do this by means of executive and direct search, which is a more intensive and efficient work method than recruitment.

We also carry out a silent search, in which the name of the customer/location is only communicated at a later stage. Furthermore, not all the job vacancies are placed online (“pocket search”).

We deliver a transparent recruitment and selection process by means of online advertisement and (mostly) direct search. After two internal rounds, an interview via telephone takes place and then face-to-face meetings with the final candidates at the office of Sterling & Holmes.

Of course, no candidate has a meeting with the customer before Sterling & Holmes has personally spoken to him/her.

We all know what we need to do, but most people still don’t do it, because it’s hard to go out of our own comfort zone, and it’s easier to just make excuses.

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