Executive Search

Sterling & Holmes works for companies and clients and provides executive search. We look for the most suitable and relevant candidate for an open position at a client. This is often a candidate with a permanent job, who is not actively looking but is latently orienting.

The term Headhunter and Recruiter is often confused. A Headhunter does Executive Search; where he/she goes more in-depth and does a more intensive and thorough search to find the very best candidate as the key to the success of a company. It often concerns medium/mid-level to more demanding (management) positions.

A Recruiter is more concerned with ordinary recruitment and selection and guidance of candidates who are actively looking for a new job themselves, who have registered with databases and actively respond to vacancies.

A completely different playing field and approach.
The big difference lies in whether or not the candidate actively searches.
By opting for ordinary recruitment and selection, companies will miss a large number of suitable candidates in the market.

“Stay hungry, stay Foolish”
[ Steve Jobs ]

Executive Search is the personal and direct approach of candidates who are not actively looking.

An Executive Search agency – such as Sterling & Holmes – uses a very different approach. We personally and directly approach the most suitable candidate for the position and do not wait for a candidate to contact us. Including this “grey area” of non-actively seeking candidates in the search results in a much greater reach of potential candidates for the position.
These candidates do consider a new step if they are offered this great opportunity.

Naturally, the search and contact is very confidential and we guide the potential candidates in the process. We – the two partners – do this personally and very discreetly, both during the preliminary phase and during the interviews with the client and even when the candidate is employed, we assist them with advice and assistance.

We are happy to guide the Impact players.

Super colleagues belong to a good employer; talented people make each other better and more effective.

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