Organisational advice

Distinguishing in this market does not seem easy. Many companies increasingly subcontract work and cut costs.
With a full schedule, many companies have room for improvement with regard to professional recruitment and talent development.

The quality aspect could use some more attention. Less focus on price and more on quality, service and entrepreneurship.

This pays itself back in speed and better candidates that are of added value to the company for a longer time.

Impact players thinking in terms of goals and experience.

Every job vacancy begins with a thorough briefing! Thanks to our work experience, we carry out a fast and thorough intake with the customer.

This is preferably done at the office of the customer so that we can also meet other team members and experience the atmosphere at the location. This is essential for a good start.

We deliver a transparent recruitment and selection process by means of online advertisement and (mostly) direct search. After two internal rounds, an interview via telephone takes place and then face-to-face meetings with the final candidates,

whom we thoroughly and professionally examine for their knowledge, experience, personality and special qualities.
Of course, no candidate has a meeting with the customer before Sterling & Holmes has personally spoken to him/her.

We don’t deliver just one candidate, but a recruitment & selection process and a range of candidates from which the customer chooses.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value

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